Player handicaps

  • X League Handicaps will be based on a 5 game rolling league score average.

  • If a player has not reached 5 X league games, the number of rounds will divide their total cumulative score compared to par.  The result of the calculation will give an average to provide the X League handicap. For example, a player has only played 5 X League games, then their total score to par (total score) will be divided by 5.

  • For new players to X-Golf, a starting X League handicap will be determine by halving an existing Golflink handicap.

  • For players who do not have a Golflink handicap, they are required to play 18 holes anytime before their first league match.  The total score will be divided by 2 to obtain the initial X-Golf league handicap.

  • Maximum Handicap is 25

  • Lowest handicap is -3