Series Format

Format – except Grand Final

9 hole Head-to-Head nett Stroke Play = 1 Match

  • 3 player per team.

  • Each player will be assigned individual opponents (called a Contest) before the start of the round.

  • The player with the best stroke score minus their handicap in the match will receive 1 point for their team.

  • In an event of an equal score at the end of the match. Each team will receive a ½ point.

League Points

  • Winning Team for each Match will receives 4 ladder points

  • Squared Matches will receive 2 ladder points

  • A losing team will receive 1 ladder point.

  • A team who has forfeited the Match will receive 0 ladder points.

Pre-Playing a Round

  • Players are able to pre-play the round if they are unable to play during league times.

  • Players must notify the League Director prior to this.

  • Players will receive a 3 shot penalty

Finals Series

  • Top 4 teams make the finals. 2 Week Final series

  • A player must play 3 Matches during the season to qualify for the final series.


  • Semi Final 1:  1 v 4

  • Semi Final 2:  2 v 3

  • Teams finishing 1 and 2 have the ability to choose the golf course for the semi finals. 

  • The cumulative count back will be used if the Match is all square. If no winner has been determined, then the contest will go to a sudden death play off with no strokes. Each team is able to nominate a representative from their team.



  • Winner SF1 V SF2

  • Third Place play off: Loser SF1 V Loser SF2 (Regular season format)

  • Of the two participating teams in the grand final, the higher ranked team after the regular season has the ability to choose the golf course for the grand final. 

Grand Final

  • 18 hole stroke Matchplay with Powerplays

  • Player with the best stroke score on the hole wins the hole.

  • The total score is not relevant in this format.

  • In an event of all square after 18, players will continue in a sudden death play-off

  • Players to multiply their weekly handicap by 1.5, as the final is over 18 holes instead of 9.



  • Players have the ability to use the “handicap stroke” per hole at any time of the round.

  • Players must nominate the powerplay prior the commencement of each hole.

  • A powerplay is to be signified by a circular motion with the arm.  This should also be verbally communicated to the opponent and acknowledgment should be given.

  • For example, If there is a handicap difference between opponents is 5.  The lower marker will get to choose 3 of the opponent’s handicap holes; and the higher marker will get to choose 2.

  • If the handicap difference is 4.  Each player will decide on 2 handicap holes each.